Our story

We are a small business once that specializes in refurbishing displays. We boast one of the lowest return rates in the industry which comes from many years of experience. studying our process with a fine tooth-comb, we ensure we are at the top of our game. Always striving to improved our services, never settling for just “good enough”.

Our Goal

Our mission is to offer you and your customer peace of mind, knowing the goods your getting are the highest possible quality. We produce competitively priced displays with aftermarkets while providing the extra benefits. No aftermarket is able to compete with the reliability and functionality that an original LCD has to offer. We are so confident you’ll be satisfied, if are not happy we offer a lifetime money back guarantee.

Our promise

Quality that cant be beaten. We’re so confident you’ll love our products that every screen is backed with our lifetime warranty. Giving you and your customer peice of mind. Our prices are competitively priced ensuring you are always getting the best deal.


Features that competition think are pointless, we think are essential. Millions wasn’t spent in Research & Development just for us to ignore these features, that’s why we we hand install every necessary feature on our screens, they include:

  • Speaker mesh
  • Barcode stickers
  • Front camera gasket
  • ALS filter
  • Proximity/ALS bracket
  • Face ID gasket
  • Flood illuminator
Features on on our XR display