• Sender is responsible for delivery and safe arrival of contents. If packages go missing or arrive damaged there is no resolution from our side. You are responsible for sending the package with adequate tracking and insurance and ensuring the contents are packaged well enough that the LCD/OLED is not damaged in transit.
  • Details must be left inside a package or orders will be delayed until sender can accurately identify the contents. We receive packages everyday and without some basic information it is impossible for us to know who sent it unless a shipping label indicates otherwise.
  • You are responsible for providing us with the correct payment details. If a payment is sent and you realise you provided us with the wrong details there is nothing we can do from our end to reverse it.
  • We can not return BuyBack orders that have already been tested. If you decide that you are not happy with the results or you believe more screens should be working we will still pay you for the screens that are working as we have already tested them. We are happy to return the screens that didn’t pass our testing process back to you as long as a return label is provided to us within 7 days of receiving your test report.
  • We will not ship an order until full payment has been cleared.
  • We do not accept orders with less then five screens. We do appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere but it is more time consuming to process the order then it is to actually fulfil it. You can buy any quantity of screens already refurbished from our store.
  • We will always return 100% of your working screens. Screens are often broken during the process but this is our mistake that we pay for with our own stock.
  • You are not always going to receive your own screens back. As mentioned above screens are broken during the process so the screen you sent may be replaced, or we swap your order for ready made stock to process the order quicker. For example, if you have a warranty sticker on the back of your screen but it is not there after the process this is because the screen was swapped for a screen already refurbished.
  • We will never swap your broken screens out. The screens we mark as faulty are your own screens and will be returned to you exactly as we received them.
  • We do not accept screens previously refurbished for BuyBack or refurbishment. In both cases the screens will be returned to you.
  • We allow customers to pick the colour of the screens but orders are not processed unless the colours are provided in relation to the invoice. If you send us 20 screens and request 10 Black, 10 White but we only pass and invoice 15 screens then we do not know what colour you would prefer.
  • We assume the terms have been agreed to if you send us your screens. Please do not send your order to us unless you have read/agreed to the terms. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


Lifetime warranty is included with every display in accordance with our warranty policy. Below will detail what’s covered under warranty but if there is anything not listed below that you are concerned about please contact us. Every screen we supply will come with our custom warranty sticker, if this is removed or tampered with for any reason we may not honour the warranty. If the display has clear signs of physical damage (cracked front glass or damage to the LCD/OLED) then warranty is void.

iPhone 5 – 8 Plus

  • All issues related to touch
  • All issues related to frame separating
  • All issues relating to LCD (bruising, dust, blemishes, lines, bars etc).
  • All issues related to 3D Touch/home button functionality
  • All issues related to backlight (spots, dust etc) are covered as long as the display hasn’t been used and has zero signs of use (out of package with no scratches on the glass).

iPhone  X – 11 Pro Max

  • All issues related to touch
  • All issues related to frame separating
  • All issues related to 3D Touch
  • All issues related to OLED (blemishes, dust, screen burn, lines etc)

    Please note: the most common issue with iPhone X OLED is the “green line of death” this is only covered under warranty if the display is unused and has zero signs of use (out of package with no scratches on the glass). This issue is most commonly caused by damaging the IC/Flex on the rear of the OLED which is a direct result of dropping the phone on the back glass. It is likely for damage to occur before the front glass is cracked so it is easy for customers to claim they haven’t dropped it.