Selling displays

Recycling your old screens is a great way of increasing your stores profit. Repair shops worldwide throw away thousands every year not knowing the true value of their broken screens. We pay you directly via Bank Transfer or PayPal, payment is made directly to your account within 24 hours of receiving your screens. Please remember, every screen has value! Package the screens accordingly, we recommend storing screens in individual bubble pouches when storing and shipping to ensure you get the best results possible.

Send us your screens

Simply package up your screens and print out the form below.

Once you’ve filled out the details on the ‘Sell your LCD form’ pop it inside the package and send directly to us at:

27 Lawkholme Lane, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3DX

Sell my LCD form

Accept your offer

Once the screens have been received they will be processed for testing within 24 hours (or same day in most cases).

We will send you an email with the test results where you can accept or decline.

Get paid

It’s that easy… sit back and wait for the nominated account to be credited.

Once your account has been credited we will send you a confirmation email.

Our prices

Our prices do update regularly based on the market and our stock levels. The prices listed below will be paid based on the date of when you send the screens. If our prices change a day after you send the screens we will still honour the previous prices.

(Accurate as of: 25/01/2021) 

iPhone 5G: £0.50
iPhone 5S : £0.50
iPhone SE: £0.50
iPhone 5C: £0.50
iPhone 6G: £1.50
iPhone 6+: £3.50
iPhone 6S: £1.50
iPhone 6S+ £4.00
iPhone 7G: £4.00
iPhone 7+: £5.00
iPhone 8G: £7.00
iPhone 8+: £9.00
iPhone X: £30.00 | Bad Touch: £30.00
iPhone XS: £30.00 | Bad Touch: £30.00
iPhone XS Max: £50.00 | Bad Touch: £50.00
iPhone XR: £10.00 | Bad Touch: £10.00
iPhone 11: £20.00 | Bad Touch: £20.00
iPhone 11 Pro: £60.00 | Bad Touch: £60.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max: £80 | Bad Touch: £80.00